Saturday, September 23, 2006

another chalk

let's call him - (whiteboard) marker.

which kinda makes sense. chalk is 37 years old. marker is 30. heh. chalks are older than markers, yes. and have been in use for a longer time.


sorry, i haven't been my naturally corny self for awhile now.

well, cheese and marker have recently started regular correspondence, despite first contact about a year ago. it became quickly apparent that they are as different as night and day. however, contrary to chalk who used to try to convince cheese that chalk and cheese are wonderfully alike, marker seems to embrace the differences.

still early days. we shall see.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

dinner vote

i have been put in charge of organising a dinner gathering for bloggers by [mercermachine], incident documented right [here]. :p

i guess it was silly posting the options via comments, which would probably cause a lot of mess, so i'll do this here:

can interested peeps coming to the dinner please vote for any of the below? new suggestions are also welcome. :)

my tried&tested haunts:



[japanese skewers]

[posh italian]

[great value french steak&fries] (please ignore mushy drivel before the actual food pics and brief description)

new spots i've yet to try:

[wild rocket]

[ps cafe] (such a *ahem* useful link)
[chubbyhubby on ps cafe]

[iggy's] (another 'useful' link)
[chubbyhubby on iggy's]

who's coming?


ghost town

it has come to my attention that this silly little writing pad of mine has been getting more traffic, and i just want to say - sorry it's such a ghost town in here. this blog wasn't meant for garnering viewership, it's just somewhere for me to say all the things i don't say in the [canyon]. you could say the [canyon]'s my public life while this is my private one.

that said, not much happens in here because i'm still an editor at heart despite leaving the industry for a few years now. the [canyon] is where i satisfy my publishing urges to put out snippets of my life composed with pictures and words just the way i like them. a magazine of my life. :) my digital scrapbook of memories.

so that's where all my spare time goes.

once in awhile, i get the urge to rant a little, and that's when i'll come here. :) some ranting also happens in the [canyon]. i'm actually pretty candid on there anyway (there are locked posts for only people on my list to view though, so sign up for a free livejournal account if you're curious). i'm also naturally more vocal there in general, i guess i'm just more used to writing there.

readers of the [canyon] do not necessarily know of this place (except for a select few), and i prefer to keep it that way. i don't want people to try to find out who i am inside, after looking at the glossy part of my life. that's not what i want. you can go from in to out, but not from out to in.

of course, the ones who have clicked on my linked friends from the [canyon], seen my comments, clicked on my profile and discovered this place after all, deserve to find me here for being smart or just plain lucky. :)

Monday, September 18, 2006


not from alcohol, but from antibiotics.

currently nursing a sore throat and fever. sigh. methinks my whole group of babes have caught the germs from one of our galpals who has been sick for awhile.


earlier bedtime for me today!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


before my bedtime.

this is such a strange yet familiar scene. the sun has just risen, the birds are chirping, and i am listening to the sounds of the world waking up. it will be my bedtime soon.

i can find no words to describe this carefree, aimless nonchalance. this feeling of not having to be anywhere, while the world rushes to get on its feet and face the day's obligations and duties.

while i...

i am free.